NEWS: The VIA MAT Group has been acquired by the Loomis Group in May 2014. The international valuables logistics services of VIA MAT INTERNATIONAL and LOOMIS INTERNATIONAL SERVICES are offered on a joint basis. More. 

Worldwide precious and even irreplaceable goods are being sold, bought, or traded. But how do these goods get to their destination safely and without any unnecessary detours?
VIA MAT INTERNATIONAL is your ideal partner in the valuables logistics sector. Our specialists enjoy an excellent reputation among experts worldwide due to their extensive experience and knowledge. For each consignment of valuables we find the best transportation solution. Safe and fast.

 Our core business:

          Worldwide domicile-to-domicile transportation of valuables and semi-valuables
          International ground transportation
          Special valuables-charter transports
          Air courier services
          Organization of events and exhibitions in Switzerland and overseas
          Customs clearance
          Precious metal storage and other high value commodity storage (longterm and in-transit

          Mining logistics


 Your benefits:

          Selected specialists guarantee thoroughly planned safety solutions

          Offices with modern infrastructures located in the most important financial capitals of the 

          Agents worldwide are carefully selected and work according to our tried and proven safety

          Our services are professional and centered around the needs of our customers

          Integrated insurance solutions